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Private Yoga with Marc

Marc is the MX3 Fitness Yoga Director for the Castro’s own unique MX3 Fitness Small Group Yoga Loft.  Former owner and operator of M Spa Yoga - Castro, and owner of YogaMukunda, he recently shifted and expanded his practice by teaming with MX3 Fitness. Marc brings together his 18 years of yoga practice and training to share yoga’s practical and life-affirming methodology and science. Tapping into his experience as a massage therapist and former professional dancer, Marc aims to inspire well-being and healthy alignment in his personal 1:1 sessions or hatha flow group classes, which provide an active practice with meditative focus. Learn more by visiting yogamukunda.com

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Private Yoga with Marc - 60 minutes

1 Pack - $150
($150.00 each)
5 Pack - $650
($130.00 each)
10 Pack - $1,200
($120.00 each)

Private Yoga with Marc - 80 minutes

1 Pack - $185
($185.00 each)
5 Pack - $825
($165.00 each)
10 Pack - $1,550
($155.00 each)