Personal Training at Our Lower Haight Location

Our Lower Haight gym is our original location. It is a smaller neighborhood facility for those wanting a more intimate fitness experience. Get to know our certified Lower Haight personal trainers below and then simply press the “Contact” link to set up a free intake and evaluation to get started reaching those fitness goals!


Training Sessions with Alexis - Lower Haight

Alexis has worked in the fitness industry for more than six years and holds certifications from NASM and Mad Dogg Athletics, as well as a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. She studied Russian ballet for 12 years and is a trained body builder. Before becoming a personal trainer, she was a behavioral therapist, including humanitarian work with LGBTQIA youth.

Alexis’ focus in her personal training is to help empower and motivate her clients to embrace all aspects of fitness/wellness: physical, mental, and emotional. Beyond teaching proper form and helping individuals reach their fitness goals, she works to assist clients in understanding how to feel good about themselves both inside and out.

Her coaching style is warm and dynamic. Sessions are tailored to each client, but always involve giving a safe and fun, yet challenging workout, and connecting on a person-to-person level.

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$90 to $135 per session

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Training Sessions with AJ - Lower Haight

AJ has a bachelor’s degree in kinesiology, which gives his approach to fitness an emphasis on human movement and exercise science. His belief is that the human body is a unique machine capable of adapting to whatever challenges are presented, particularly during workouts. AJ designs fitness programs that are influenced by biomechanics, as well as cognitive and motor functions. His training approach is a blend of core and strength training along with stability and circuit training.

AJ focuses on teaching his clients to listen to how their bodies move, not only to become more connected but also to become aware of how to enhance their bodies through physical activity. He strives to help his clients find the same passion for fitness and movement he has developed through his own fitness journey

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$75 to $120 per session

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Training Sessions with Shana - Lower Haight

MX3 Fitness Health Coach and Senior Trainer, Shana Karp.

Shana is a two-time NCAA Diving All American from Stanford University and former diving coach. She understands that motivation and a solid plan are critical to meeting one`s fitness goals. Whether her clients are trying to lose weight, gain muscle, or increase their overall health, Shana`s high energy, positive approach keeps her clients engaged and moving forward. As a person with Type 1 Diabetes, she has profound insight into how having a chronic illness can affect exercise and fitness. Her training approach borrows techniques from Olympic lifting, yoga, traditional weight lifting, and flexibility training to create a challenging and varied workout.

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$107 to $155 per session

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Training Sessions with Julian - Lower Haight

Julian’s journey with fitness began when he was introduced to strength training by his high school football coach – and it’s continued ever since. Julian competed in his first bodybuilding competition in 1995. That experience of working with a trainer to reach his goals inspired him to become an NASM certified trainer himself and he soon began training others. Over the years, his training experience has included sport-specific training, bodybuilding, core strength and stability, yoga, and obstacle course Spartan racing. Whether your goal is prioritizing fat loss, gaining muscle size and strength, or creating more structure to your current training, Julian is passionate about tapping into his 25 years of experience in designing personalized programs to help his clients become stronger and healthier versions of themselves.

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$92 to $140 per session

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